The Best Printer Paper

Many people think that all printer papers are made equal, but the type of paper you choose has a big impact on the quality of the print job. When choosing the type of printer paper you want to use you must consider factors like brightness, weight, and overall quality. Here are the best printer papers to choose from:

HP Printer Paper: Multipurpose

This HP printer paper is the best choice for inkjet printers, but it works for everyday printing as well. With a 96 on the brightness scale, it rates high in terms of brightness quality. The ink dries incredibly quickly, so there’s little risk of smearing. The printer paper is also environmentally conscious, as it’s sourced from resources from renewable forests. With this HP printer paper, your documents will come out bright and clear.

Hammermill Paper: Copy Plus Paper

This Hammermill printer paper is an economical choice that works on a wide variety of printers and copiers. Although it scores only a 92 on the brightness scale, it has a flat and smooth surface that makes it ideal for printing large volumes of documents. The only downside to this printer paper is that the ink may sometimes bleed through to the other side, so this may not be great for printing images.

Georgia Pacific 991322R Spectrum: Standard Printer Paper

This printer paper from Georgia Pacific is ideal for inkjet printers, producing sharp and clear text and graphics every single time. It also works well with laser printers and copiers, and there’s no risk of the ink smearing or bleeding through. The brightness of its appearance is a big reason why many people prefer this printer paper. It’s also relatively affordable, making it an economical choice for printing images that won’t bleed through.

Boise Polaris: Premium Laser Paper

While Boise Polaris’ premium laser paper is not the most economical choice on the list, it’s certainly the most professional. It has a 24-pound weight that gives it a professional feel, as well as a brightness rating of 98 that makes it perfect for reports and presentations. If you’re looking to make an impression with your document, look no further. This printer paper is surely worth the extra price for the outstanding quality.

Staples Multiuse: Multipurpose Copy Fax Inkjet & Laser Printer Paper

This is another economical printer paper that’s perfect for people on a budget. It weighs 20 pounds and has a 94 rating on the brightness scale, making it a presentable choice for almost any print job. The paper won’t yellow or fade over time, although it does sometimes jam or have the ink bleed through when you print double sided. Still, if you’re looking for a trustworthy printer paper with an excellent value for money, this is the printer paper for you.

The printer paper you choose depends largely on what you’re using it for. Whether you’re printing large volumes of documents or an important presentation, these are the best printer papers on the market.


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