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Saving Our Customers Money Since 2010

Think Ink was started as a mail-order business by Jesse Miller in 2010. Since then the business has grown from serving just family and friends to serving people and businesses throughout the United States. Even though our customer base has grown significantly, our business model is still based on helping our customers save money on printers, ink, and toner.

We want our customers to spend more time running their business and less time worrying about their printer and ink.

Helping Businesses Run More Efficiently

We believe helping businesses run more efficiently will save them money and time. We can save businesses hundreds of dollars by selling ink and toner at a huge savings but we can save them thousands of dollars by matching people with the right printer for their needs. Our support team offers extensive knowledge when it comes to helping others choose the right printer, ink, or toner. Our Managed Printer Service offers business owners a chance to run their business more efficiently while spending less time worrying about printer and ink problems. Contact us to find out how we can help your business run more efficiently.

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