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A bargain is not always a bargain, especially when it comes to purchasing printers. Buying an inexpensive printer may be viable for an individual who prints documents occasionally, but it is not a good choice for most folks, or for the small to medium sized businesses, schools and churches Think Ink serves. That is why I encourage our customers to visit our store for a free, total-cost-of-operation analysis. We listen to your needs and tell you what this printer or that printer will cost to operate for a year. We have saved customers thousands of dollars a year on their printers by helping them find the ones that print most efficiently. Of course, the biggest printing expense is the ink or toner itself. In most cases, I eschew expensive name-brand ink and toner cartridges in favor of remanufactured ones that we can sell at a 30 to 50 percent discount. Remanufactured products use empty cartridges as a base. The cartridges are cleaned, renovated, reassembled and refilled with ink or toner.


“We have saved customers thousands of dollars a year on their printers by helping them find the ones that print most efficiently”




Furthermore, every remanufactured laser cartridge prevents more than two-and-a-half pounds of solid waste from entering landfills, an impressive statistic considering that millions of empty cartridges end up in landfills annually. Still, not all remanufactured cartridges on the market are reliable. I discovered this when I began researching the products years ago after growing frustrated with the need to frequently change the expensive ink cartridges in my home printer. Along the way, I identified the best manufacturers and began purchasing cartridges for friends and myself. Avocation turned into vocation in 2010, when I left my job in construction to open Think Ink. Refurbished and OEM ink and toner cartridges for printers, copiers and fax machines are still Think Ink’s bread and butter. We also sell a full line of printers, copiers and fax machines. All our remanufactured supplies are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with their printers. In fact we offer a lifetime replacement warranty against defects in all our remanufactured toner cartridges.

Think Ink also provides service on most laser printers, including routine maintenance, changing parts and evaluating a broken printer to determine if it is more cost-effective to fix it or purchase a new one. Discounts are extended to schools, churches and government agencies. All customers receive free delivery on ink and toner orders over $75. Once mostly a mail-order enterprise, Think Ink’s Mt. Hope storefront now welcomes customers to visit in person. We enjoy the personal approach. “We offer competitive pricing and knowledge that other companies don’t have, we like to be a consulting service for our customers instead of just trying to sell them printers.” We look forward to helping you make the best choices on your next printer or ink and toner purchase.



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