Should You Buy A Business-Class Printer?

A business expense that is easy to lose track of is printing costs. Whether your business prints thousands of pages in a month or only a few, paper is just the beginning of these ongoing costs. You want something that is in your initial purchase price range, and it is essential to consider the repair, paper, and ink or toner costs. Business-class printers are designed for longevity and cost-efficiency. If you compare a standard printer brand to the models under the business-class category, you might find that you’ll save more money if you’re printing needs are more substantial. Manufacturers and sellers of these printers try to keep three things in mind for businesses like yours.

Longer Duty Cycle

A duty cycle of a printer refers to the estimated number of pages a specific device is capable of printing in a time frame without failure or damage. Many business printers have a significantly longer duty cycle than small standard printers. This allows you as a business to have less need for maintenance or replacement costs. Having fewer of these issues not only saves you money, but it saves you time as well.

Better Per-Page Printing Cost

A smaller printer may cost less initially, however, the overall printing costs can add up fast. Businesses that have a higher print output often find out they’re spending too much with a standard printer. For example, a small printer may only cost $250–$350 as an initial purchase, but to print a 500-sheet pack of paper would cost $75. As time goes on, your costs will add up quickly at that rate and you may be running into repair costs sooner. If that same company used a business-class printer, it would likely cost $1,000-$1,500 to purchase. That may sound like a high starting point, but the printing cost is almost cut in half. The per-page printing cost would be roughly $35 to print that same 500-sheet pack of paper. If a company prints 1,000 sheets of paper in a month, it could take only 9 months for owners of a standard printer to spend more in total than someone using a business printer.

Multiple Options for Your Needs

Business printers come in all shapes and sizes. One kind that many companies have benefited from is a multifunction printer. This device is often made to serve as a printer, fax machine, scanner, and copier. It allows you to save both space and money within your office space. We’d highly recommend laser printer models to companies that have a high-volume print output of text documents.

Ultimately, a business-class printer’s purpose is to be efficient in both function and cost. There are plenty of options to explore as you look for something that fits your needs and budget. We at Think Ink are happy to help you find that printer whether it is a standard or a business-class model.


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