How to Make Your Printer Last Longer

Buying a new printer is a relatively big expense, especially if you have to shell out for a new printer once every year or two. Taking care of your printer doesn’t require that much time or money, however, a few small steps will go a long way towards extending the life of your printer. Here are a few tips on how to make your printer last longer:

Use High Quality Ink And Paper

Investing in high quality ink and paper will extend your printer’s life enough to outweigh the cost Trying to cut costs by using poor quality printer paper and ink can end up costing more in the long run by damaging your printer. High quality paper will prevent paper jams that can damage the printer. It also carries less lint and dust than poor quality paper does, which can clog the printer and make it require more frequent cleaning.

You should avoid using off-brand ink cartridges, as these may end up damaging the print heads or leaking into the printer. High-quality ink cartridges that are either made or approved by the manufacturer will ensure your printer operates smoothly and lasts much longer.

Clean Your Printer Regularly

One surefire way to make your printer last longer is to clean it on a regular basis. You should wipe down the exterior of your printer once a week, and clean out the interior once every 6 months. If your printer is a shared printer in an office, you may want to clean it as often as once a month. Consult the printer’s manual for advice on cleaning products.

Schedule Regular Printer Maintenance

In addition to cleaning your printer regularly, you’ll also want to schedule regular printer maintenance to avoid costly damage. A provider can regularly come in and clean your printer and inspect it for issues that can cause damage down the line. While this may be the more expensive option for extending the life of your printer, it is often necessary for shared office printers that handle a lot of jobs.

Learn How To Use The Printer Properly

Using the printer with the improper settings can not only damage the printer, but it can also force you to reprint the same document multiple times in order to get it right. By ensuring that everyone who uses the printer knows how to navigate its settings and features, you’ll get the most out of your printer and give it a longer life. Whether it’s the office intern, your kids, or just you using the printer, make sure that everyone has had a chance to read through the manual.

By taking the time to learn and follow these simple tips, you can get the most out of your money and ensure a long and productive life for your printer. And if you keep the printer away from direct sunlight and any air vents, you can make sure that nothing damages it or impacts its performance.


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