Things to Know Before Having a Company Manage Your Printer

Businesses and facilities can really benefit from the time management and convenience that comes through managed print services (MPS). Many printer companies can give you access to business-grade printers, parts, repairs, and toner or ink for an affordable monthly rate. The goal of these bundles is to allow businesses to focus on their own affairs and products.

It’s not wise to just jump into any printer service, though. There are some things to consider to make sure your printing needs are sufficiently met.

Know how much you print

Understanding how much you print in a month can help you start the process of looking into these kinds of services. Your print average helps you calculate the costs, know what kind of printer you need, and know how frequently you’ll require ink or toner refills. Believe it or not, there’s a fairly easy way to estimate your monthly print average. Look at how many packages of paper you go through in a month and multiply that by the sheets of paper per package. The average pack usually contains five hundred sheets of paper.

What features do you want?

There are so many printers to choose from, but you’ll want to be sure your printer management service offers something that is efficient and in your price range.

Think about the technical preferences of those using the printer. Will physical buttons or a touch screen be more convenient? Next, think about the capabilities of the printer itself. Does it need to be fast and accept different kinds of paper? Do you want to print in color, or send faxes, and should a scan-to-email feature need to be available? Another thing you can consider is your additional parts, such as extra paper trays, wifi or mobile printing, and memory storage.

Laser printers: The pros and cons

Laser printers can be a great option, depending on your needs. Let’s see if this printer is right for your office.

  • Great for printing documents in both color and greyscale
  • Fit for high-volume printing
  • Cost-effective
  • Available as multi-function printers that provide scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities
  • Longer lifespan than inkjet printers
  • Not great for printing images (note: some newer models of color laser printers now offer competitive color image quality)
  • Not always compatible with various paper types

If your facility is looking to print more high-resolution images, you’ll likely want to look at your inkjet printer options over a laser printer. Want to learn more? You can decide which printer your company would benefit from by reading our Printer Buying Guide.

Choosing a managed print service

Looking into a managed print service can be confusing the first time, but we hope our tips will give you a clearer idea of what you’ll need. When it comes to printer upkeep, you’ll want someone who offers maintenance service for your area. Also, you want to be sure you don’t get stuck with unnecessary contracts.

Our own location in Mt. Hope, Ohio, offers printer management for small businesses. We offer all-in-one packages for printers, toner, support, and maintenance without needing to keep customers in contracts. We want to be sure you’re aware of all that we’ve got to offer your business, school, or home. Select the services you need, and you’ll be able to get a quote. We would love to be of service to you.


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