Positivity in Hardship

How Local Businesses are Creating Hope in a Time of Darkness

With all that is going on around us, it can be quite overwhelming to keep the positivity alive. Nonetheless, local businesses have been making the most of the Stay at Home order since our governor Mike Dewine made the announcement.

Christian Aid Ministries

It’s no secret that social distancing has left people in dire need all around the world. Local businesses are working hard in order to help meet medical demands. CAM (Christian Aid Ministries), has designed a step-by-step guide on how to sew facemasks for those who need them. Participants who have made their homemade masks then donate them to CAM where they are sent to New York City to try and assist with the endless shortage.

Pioneer IWS

Pioneer IWS has also played a key role in assisting with medical demands, specifically with the shortage of hospital beds. Since they are primarily focused on the design and fabrication of agricultural equipment, they approached other local businesses for assistance in order to produce hospital field cots. They connected with people in areas of textile production in order to help manufacture cots. PIONEER delivered the first field hospital cots to Long Island, New York on April 3rd. They have already distributed 1,000s of cots since then, and aim to produce 1,000 cots a day if they are needed.

Berlin Gardens

Berlin Gardens is another business which made a big name for themselves in their development of face guards. Once a few were made and sent to Connecticut for review, they were granted permission to go into mass production. From there they began producing 30,000 to 35,000 masks every day. These face guards play a key role in protecting those who have come in contact with others who have contracted the disease.

Despite COVID-19 shutting down businesses and keeping many people at home, we can continue to push forward and bring positivity to those around us. The tragic event has brought the community closer together as everyone contributes to providing for others in need with entertainment and medical needs.


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