3 Ways Your Business Can Save On Printing Costs

There is a plastic box that sits in the dark corner of your office. Every so often it spits and gurgles as if to pronounce some foreign language that you can’t understand. The monster sways and jumps a little as if it is preparing to dash out the room in a hasty escape from it’s forlorn life in the dark corner. Soon a 8.5 X 11” paper protrudes out of the belly of the beast. Five more sheets to go. You dash over to the side of the plastic monster and grab the first sheet of paper to proof read it as more papers continue to protrude out of it’s mouth.

Suddenly, an annoying beeping sound disrupts the gurgling and spiting coming from the printer in the corner. You glance at the screen and notice some of the most dreaded words in your office. Printer out of ink. The words cut like a sword through your perfectly nice day at the office. The report was almost finished for the meeting tomorrow but now the stubborn beast refuses to present more white papers from it’s belly until you feed it another side of Cyan and Magenta.

Just how much does this printer cost your business every year? You quietly wonder as you desperately run for the supply closet. More paper, more ink- the plastic beast never ceases to demand things. Even though this printer is really necessary it can also be really expensive sometimes. How can a business like yours save money on printing?

1. Laser Vs Inkjet

For someone who prints a high volume of paper a day, a laser printer will prove faster and more economic than an inkjet printer. The toner cartridges, used by laser printers, may print a thousand or more papers when a traditional ink cartridge may only print a few hundred papers. For a home owner who only uses their printer occasionally, an inkjet printer would be the best economic option. But a business that prints even 5 pages a day will find enormous savings from the investment of a laser printer.

2. Type of Paper

The type of paper you use can greatly effect the per page cost of your printing. The average paper cost for 8.5 X 11” paper is from less than a penny up to 2 cents per sheet. Some paper can cost 10 cents or more per sheet depending on the paper weight and quality. Buying recycled or low grade paper does not always guarantee the best printing costs since a lower quality paper can make it harder for the ink or toner to be applied to the paper.

3. Cost of Ink & Toner

The cost of ink & toner is probably one of the biggest costs you will face for printing. Ink cartridges may cost $35-$60 per cartridge and toner may cost $75-150 per cartridge. At these costs it is no wonder some businesses choose to refill these cartridges on their own. Refill kits can be purchased online, however, the refill process can be time consuming; taking someone away from valuable time actually doing work that matters.

Another way businesses choose to save on costly ink & toner cartridges is by purchasing remanufactured ink for a fraction of the cost. These remanufactured cartridges should only be purchased from a dealer you trust because a bad cartridge could be a total waste of money or could even damage your printer. Buying remanufactured ink from the right dealer could save you up to 40% on ink or toner!

3 Ways you can save money on printing today.

  1. Consider whether investing in a laser printer is right for you.
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  3. Call us 330-674-2251 to order remanufactured ink & toner cartridges you can trust.